Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I think I have an idea........

Ok, so here it goes....I want to do something different here. I'm going to take a word that inspires me or it could inspire you.....which I hope it does...and find the definition of the word I am thinking about at the time and post it here every Thursday! I'm going to call it Definition Thursday! The ideas are just buzzing in my head! Just thinking about it gives me inspiration! If you follow me, you will see what I mean.....so....to be continued. For my two loyal followers that follow me.......please see if you can get your friends to join me! This is not to promote anything or sell anything it's just to help inspire and hopefully give you ideas to create! So, please join me in the journey!


  1. What a great idea of having Definition Thursday!

    1. Why thank you!! I hope it works out! I hope you will be able to see what I'm trying to do.....basically give inspiration, and have some fun!

  2. you got me curious, i'll be back tomorrow!
    and how's your art journal coming along? you wrote on my blog you got your first one, remember? don't forget to show us! :)))

  3. Pooky, this sounds like a great idea... I love it! Anna xx



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