Monday, May 9, 2011


RagaMuffin cats come in all coat colors and patterns, with or without white, with the pointed and pointed with white colors being registered by CFA but not shown. These are striking cats whether the color is blue, brown tabby with white, tortoiseshell or mink. Its coat pattern and its symmetry are not considered terribly important but all RagaMuffin breeders love the unique patterns and varieties that come naturally within the breed.
Their coats are medium-long and fully furred - similar to the coat of a rabbit. RagaMuffins are low maintenance cats. Although their coats are thick and plush, surprisingly they do not readily mat or clump and are easy to care for. Their overall softness makes you want to continually pet them, and when you do these massive cats love every minute of your attention and just keep purring.
RagaMuffins are classically large cats, with females averaging between ten and fifteen pounds and males averaging between fifteen and twenty pounds. Some of them get much larger. Each is heavily boned and fully fleshed, with a tendency toward a fatty pad on the lower abdomen. They are fully mature at four years of age and have a long life expectancy.
A RagaMuffin's personality is one of extreme sweetness and they form a strong bond with their families and children. Their calm and patient temperament lends itself to their boisterous, robust play of youngsters and they can easily be found attending tea parties or taking rides in baby strollers.
RagaMuffins want to please, and some pet owners even report they can be taught tricks, such as fetching. They also make wonderful companions for those who live alone because they provide much needed company and support.
They are quite likely to go limp in your arms, as the rag part of their name implies. As for their disposition, they tend to be calm and are likely to be found curled in your lap as you read a book or watch television. Yet, these are not lazy cats. Just pull out their toys and you will find them ready for action. Because they are very trusting animals they must be kept indoors only.

I just had to share this..........I am  big animal lover and I must say this is one beautiful cat!  It's funny, I remember using the word "ragamuffin" in  completely different way when my daughter was younger. She was very outdorsey and kind of tomboyish, so she always had "play dirt" on  I'm sure you know the kind...when they take the socks off and have the ring around the ankle...hehe. Ahhhhh...kinda miss those days. She is now grown into a beautiful woman and mother now, and  couldn't be more proud of her!
Well, I hope you have a Happy Scrappy Day!

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