Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Journey....

I'm going on a new journey and lovin' it!! I started my first art journal...this one's for you Papallon:))
I just had to re-do the front, back and inside covers to make it my own. I applied gesso, then re-applied it again with a tattered angels stencil(layered it on really thick). I took another stencil that I've had forever with a brick pattern on it and applied more gesso. Then I added some buttons and trim, gessoed it that stuff...hehe. then I sprayed various colors of glimmer mist and did a little sanding!
For the back cover, I painted it with gesso, then some dark brown acrylic paint added some medium crackle then painted it with antique white. I took t!m's flourish stamp and emobossed with copper embossing powder. It looks so cool!
The inside covers are covered with K&C Life's Journey(convenient huh?) Love, love that paper!
For my first page I dropped different colors of acrylic paint then spread it with a old gift card. I took another tattered angels stencil and traced it, took a heart stamp from Inkadoo and embossed it in the middle of my traced heart...hope you can see how that turned out. I typed out my title with my trusty 'ole typewriter...yes I own one and love it! Just had to dust it off a wee bit..hehe. It says Listen to your heart.
Well, I won't keep you here any longer...I do enjoy your visits!!!
Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you had a super weekend:)


  1. Incredibly beautiful Bev... LOVE the gorgeous covers of your journal... and your first page is wonderful... awesome words... and so true... what a fabulous start on your new journey...

    Jenny x

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I really do appreciate it!

  2. Hi! Wanna thank you for the info you left on my blog about my "reply" issue! but it didnt fix my problem ack! your has the reply button, how nice! I'm jealous hhahaha. I appreciate you visiting my blog and trying to help...stay sweet n keep in touch.

  3. Oh how lovely Bev ~ I've always wanted to try working on a journal but just haven't had the time yet. I can just imagine how fun and inspiring this journey will be for you!



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