Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looky at what I won!!

Giveaway winner

The winner of the the Tim Holtz bag and pad is

"Yes!! I have been behind the scenes since he started doing the 12 Tags...well, this year I followed and played! I am having a blast!
Merry Christmas Scott and family!"
Pooky, Merry Christmas to you!  
Thanks for playing with us!
Yay!! I am doing the happy dance right now!!! I just received my goodies in the mail!
You would be doing yourself a favor if you go on over to and check them out!!
They always have cool stuff on there blog and very fun videos.
They have good deals on their online store too!
Well, I'm going to alter my t!m bag now!
Thanks for stopping by today!
Happy New Year my blogger buddies!

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